Since graduating in 1983 as a Chiropractor Dr Luis Alicea has been in full time private practice and has developed Neural Integration over this period. Louis Alicea jnr also practices at the clinic having completed a 7 year training program and also teaches at seminars.

Neural Integration is the culmination of treating approximately nine thousand patients, together with continuous research and ongoing post graduate teaching. Neural Integration is an adaptation of numerous, well established, proven but relatively gentle (non thrust) techniques most of which are not in common use today, and does not resemble chiropractic as most people recognise it.

We are a family practice but also teach other healthcare professionals, the goal being to enable likeminded practitioners to specifically address chronic pain and other symptoms anywhere in the body while at the same time restoring health logically, sequentially and on purpose. Thanks to goodwill our practice has always thrived exclusively from personal recommendations and our patients regularly travel from all parts of the country and sometimes from abroad.

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